You might want to avoid giving this toy to anyone this holiday season (or ever)

Before you run wild through that Toys “R” Us so you can be the “best Aunt or Uncle or older sister or cousin, EVER” who gives all the amazing gifts for the holidays, you might wanna sit down and rethink your strategy. Or, at least, know what NOT to get your cousin/nephew/niece/little brother or sister/mini human in your life.

There’s a new toy in town, and it’s coming for your kid’s hair. It’s called Bunchems and though they may look innocent at first glance, just know that this little item is a tantrum and afternoon ruined waiting to happen.

They look really innocent at first…

But looks can be deceiving.

Sad, frustrated children with one, two, three, or entire HEAD’S full of Bunchems stuck in their hair started to pop up everywhere. We didn’t think we would reach a point of getting worse childhood trauma than gum stuck in our bangs, but here we are.

Originally designed to simply be squished together to form imaginative structures or other artsy creations, parents started posting photos of their “post-Bunchems” incidents online.

We took a peek at some of the reviews on Amazon, and we founds some pretty helpful pointers:

From Ethan Benoit:

From “Amazon Customer”:

From Brian:

According to MTV, even Spin Master, the company that creates this snagging toy has admitted to its elasticity when it comes to a child’s hair. Their advice? Put in conditioner — lots and LOTS of conditioner.

This toy has been described as “addictive” but after one incident involving your kid’s locks, we’re guessing you’re not making another trip to the toy store.

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