“Bun dropping” is the newest Instagram hair trend and it’s completely mesmerizing

Far be it from me to question the beauty and hair trends that manage to take over the internet. It’s been a summer of 100 layer videos (and parodies of 100 layer videos), which seemed to be the dominant (though definitely not the only) trend that gained online traction this year. Now, there’s a new Instagram hair trend making waves – and it’s seriously mesmerizing.

The bun is a classic hairstyle, beloved by many. In fact, it’s such a convenient go-to hair style that can be dressed up or dressed down that it’s even spread to be a favorite among long-haired men – the man-bun – to decidedly mixed reception in recent years. But this new bun-centric trend is taking buns to a whole new level.

Long-haired Instagram users all across the world have been taking to the app en masse over the last few months to share videos of themselves letting down their lengthy, silky-smooth hair out of a bun. Like so:


It’s really just as simple as it sounds: in all of the “bun dropping” videos (as they’re being called, according to PopSugar), the bun-dropper has their back to the camera, with their hair up in a loose chignon-style bun. The bun-dropper then releases their impossibly long and luxurious mane of hair, shaking it out.

Some of the videos are set to music, too, such as this one which ironically has “Don’t Let Me Down” playing in the background. It’s ironic because she is, in fact, letting her hair down. Get it? Lols.


A few of the videos, many of which are collected under the hashtag #bundrop, add in a slow-mo effect as well, to heighten the weirdly artistic aspect of watching the hair unfurl.


It’s oddly calming, isn’t it?

Then you also have the occasional video set against a gorgeous, almost distracting landscape, like this bun-dropper who dropped said bun while super casually hanging out on the Croatian coast.

The popularity of this new trend is likely a combination of our collective love of pretty hair and of taking something as commonplace as removing your hair from a bun and making it viral. The internet is a big fan of those two things.

What do you think of this new Instagram trend? How does it rank with all of the other beauty and hair trends we’ve seen this year?

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