We have some bummer news for “Ghostbusters” fans (*cries*)

We’re certainly in the middle of the lady-reboot renaissance, but it looks like we might have to pump the breaks a little bit: As of right now, there probably won’t be a Ghostbusters sequel. If only we all had a Kevin nearby, so we could cry into his arms.


It unfortunately all comes down to numbers, and the Paul Feig Ghostbusters reboot isn’t raking in the dough right now. While the movie got decent reviews, and people have certainly gone to see it, not enough people have made their way to the movies (also, Ghostbusters won’t be released in China, the second biggest movie market in the WORLD, because of the subject material and the ~ghosts~).

According to BoxOfficeMojo, in the weeks since its release, Ghostbusters has made $180 million. It had a budget of almost $150 million, and would need to make at least $300 million to break even. It also sounds like it needs to make at least $300 million to warrant a sequel. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that, where the movie stands now, it’s expected to lose upwards of $70 million for Sony, the studio behind the project.

For those not great with the math and big numbers, just know that none of this adds up to being a good thing.

Still, the idea of a sequel isn’t completely off the table. Also, the idea of a Ghostbusters ~universe~ is now being discussed, involving animated spin-off movies, video games, toys, and a bunch of other things to hype up the movie. It’s possible that these ventures could make up some of the lost Ghostbusters money, and put a live-action sequel back on track.

And we desperately want that sequel! This Ghostbusters reboot clearly paved the way for more movies, from the fact that the ladies finally moved into the firehouse, to that very end post-credits tag. We want these hilarious ladies back, and bustin’ more ghosts…and if it means we have to go see the movie 30 more times, that’s just what we’re going to have to do.