Bumble continues to be the raddest dating app by banning shirtless mirror selfies

Dear Bumble,

Thank you for being you, and making our dating lives exponentially less gross every day.

In an effort to regulate our online existence and bring it up to code with our actual lives, the dating app Bumble  has made some revisions to its photo policies, and it’s so, so good.

Bumble outlined its new image protocol on its blog, and even included some handy illustrations for those who might be confused about the new restrictions. Among others, the new policy bans (that’s right, BANS!) shirtless mirror selfies if you’re not in a gym; bikini pics with no body of water in sight; and parentless snaps of children on their own.

Photo: Bumble
Photo: Bumble

The progressive, woman-friendly app has been our online dating guardian for a long time now, but this takes it to a whole new level. Time reported last year that Bumble had found a way to “weed out jerks online,” and founder Whitney Wolfe is only getting more protective over the women who use her app.

The new picture guidelines aren’t meant to be the “prude police,” Bumble says, but are implemented because “we’re over online spaces having different rules than other social spaces. The rules that apply in real life interactions will apply to Bumble.”

Man, they’re smart cookies up there at Bumble HQ. In fact, they’ve done quite a bit of research to support the new bans. Data says that the most swiped left profiles on Bumble are mirror selfie pics, and 86% of reported profiles include mirror selfie photos.

Because, yeah, it can get a little aggressive, and  if somebody doesn’t stand up and say, “Enough!” then it’s only going to get worse.


The folks at Bumble aren’t out to stop you having a good time, or even to put limits on what you can and can’t do online. They just want to deliver on their promise that Bumble continues to be “a safe, friendly place to meet new people. Bumble is not a place to go to act differently than you would IRL.”

We knew you were our people, Bumble. You get us. You really, really get us.