Bullies Disguised as Young Women

I recently encountered a situation that baffled me and actually left me speechless. I witnessed this event while I was working an event at my university. Our university hosted a festival for local high school groups to attend for the day. As I was one particular group’s host, I noticed a girl seated by herself, away from the rest of the group, while we were waiting to move to the next room. As I walked towards her, I saw several of her female classmates laugh and breeze by, yanking out her hair tie and lightly slapping her face. I was stopped, dead in my tracks, by the string of events occurring in front of me.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I am thinking the exact same thing; ridiculous! How is it plausible for such cruelty to occur?! What could possibly influence these young women to treat someone so horribly?!

That’s our first mistake; referring to them as “young women”. I believe that in order to deserve to be titled a “young woman”, you must act as one. This behavior is nowhere near that description for these immature girls. Side note aside, let me continue.

I immediately went to comfort this poor, tormented girl; allotting her an extra hair tie that was secured to my wrist. I also took her to the restroom to help her clean up her tear stained face. I asked her what has caused these unruly actions upon her, and she stated, “They didn’t like how I was dressed today,” continuing, “and they think I am too fat and ugly to be a part of the group.”

What has happened to our generation? Why do we allow this continuous bullying on young people? It is destroying more lives than anyone realizes. Why is no one helping? Why are people sitting by and not doing anything?! It makes me so distraught to see this.

I have been bullied. I have been tormented and pushed around. I have been made to feel bad about who I am.

“I have been made to feel bad about who I am.” How is possible to allow anyone to MAKE me feel the way that I feel? I should be the only person to have any decision over my own feelings. We should stop letting others have any negative influence on how we feel.

I understand how hard it is to simply shrug off the horrible things that are said to you, but why give them power? I’ve been there; I know, more than most, how hard it is to let it go and not listen to the words that cut into you like dull knives.

Everyone is a superhero in his/her own way, some of you just haven’t found your super powers yet. It may or may not, take you time to find who you really are, but once you do, you will finally find your mountaintop that no one can climb up, but you.

“You should feel beautiful with the skin you’re in. No one will ever be you, so let your unique beauty reign free.”

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