This bullied fish just got a life-changing surgery that will make you tear up

Forget Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, we have a new heartwarming fish-centered tale for you — and this one is true!

As St. Louis’ Fox 2 Now reports, Kiwi, a seven-year-old saltwater fish, developed a cataract and was getting bullied by his tank mates. (Who knew? We thought it was only human schools who had bullies, not schools of fish!)

According to owner Julie Morgan, the other fish “figured out which eye was not working…They’d go up behind him, biting his tail. He had chunks of his tail taken out.” What jerks!

The bullying got to be so bad that Kiwi had to be put in solitary for his own safety:


Luckily for Kiwi, he has friends in high places: Kiwi’s veterinarian, Dr. Megan Baebler of Kersting Veterinary Hospital, removed the cataract and the eye, leaving the socket open for some more “creative” fixes — a prosthetic eye.

“I actually hand-painted the eye myself,” Baebler told Fox 2 Now. “I used a mixture of some nail polish and some eye shadow pigments, actually, to give it some iridescence.”


She’s quite the ingenious artist! The eye looks so real.

Kiwi then went under anesthesia for his 30-minute surgery:


And everything worked out okay! The fish, it seems, are fooled — and Kiwi will be allowed to rejoin them soon. Until then, he’s happily swimming in his fish tank.

“I think he’s doing great,” Morgan said when Fox 2 Now asked for an update on his condition. “He’s eating, he’s swimming. He’s happy.”


He sure looks happy!

We know that somewhere deep in his fish heart Kiwi is thankful for the kindness of people such as Dr. Baebler and Morgan.

Morgan, in fact, told Fox 2 Now that while people may roll their eyes at all the effort she put into helping a fish, she firmly believes Kiwi deserved to live his life in comfort.

Why not, indeed? We have no doubt Nemo, Marlin, and Dory would approve of Morgan’s kind outlook. Check out the video of Kiwi’s recovery:

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