This bulldog running into walls for three straight minutes is all of us on Mondays

Hey guys, it’s Monday. I know it’s like, where did the weekend go? And why am I sooo tired? Oh right, I stayed up till two in the morning thinking about Game of Thrones and now I’m at work and my brain is like, barely functioning and did I just send a recipe for meatloaf to the all-staff email? UGGGH.

Do you feel like this?


Because this bulldog puppy with a box on its head running into walls is ALL OF US RN ON THIS MONDAY.

Diesel the English bulldog somehow got a box stuck to his head and then proceeded to spend the entire afternoon just running into things. You know, as you do. We don’t know why he loves boxes so much, why it’s stuck to his head, or what his IQ is.


But here are three minutes and 15 seconds of a puppy running into things. It’s Monday, you deserve this.