How To Build The Perfect Dual-Season Wardrobe

I recently did a post on sunny L.A. style (you can see it here), which is amazing, but for those of us who don’t have warm weather all year round (and not even reliably in the summer) it’s a good idea to invest in some great dual-season items that you can wear throughout the whole year. The trick is choosing items, colors and fabrics that will work in any season and that can be layered and styled according to the weather. You’ll be able to mix and match many different outfits with these items and wear them on many different occasions. Of course it’s fun to follow all the latest trends, but these are basics you need to build a great, versatile wardrobe—one that will last you for many seasons, and even years. See you next week!

1. Slouchy navy cardigan, $20

2. Silky tank top, $23

3. Floral dress, $55

4. Nude nail polish, $5

5. Cashmere wrap (that you’ll have forever), $148 

6. Button-down shirt, $30

7. Cuffed denim shorts, $28

8. Red nail polish, $3

9. Skinny jeans, $35

10. Slouchy tan bag, $168

11. Suede ankle boots, $45

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