Since these weren’t around when you were a kid, go make a Power Rangers Build-A-Bear right now

As if you weren’t feeling enough like a child again when you realized there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out, now you can grab your beary own Power Ranger at Build-A-Bear!

That’s right, you can create a plush, stuffed Power Rangers bear now at Build-A-Bear. In just a few steps you can create a custom bear exactly as you would’ve loved to do in the 90s. And love to do now, too.

"The new Power Rangers collection at Build-A-Bear Workshop will allow original enthusiasts and the next generation of adventure-seeking fans to hug and play with the iconic rangers," Jennifer Kretchmar, chief product officer, Build-A-Bear Workshop, explained in a press release.

“The Power Rangers franchise has resonated with fans of all ages around the world for 24 years largely in part because many people see themselves within at least one or all of the Rangers,” explained Janet Hsu, chief executive officer of Saban Brands. “With Build-A-Bear Workshop, fans can now use their creativity to further identify and personalize their experience with the Power Rangers.”

You can now choose from one of two new Power Rangers inspired bears — Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.


But don’t worry, you can grab a regular bear and clothing to change them into another color ranger if you want!


You can also grab some accessories for your bear to make them even more “morphinominal.” You can even add a scent to your bear to keep them smelling great after all of that fighting. And then, make sure to add the sound of the Power Rangers theme song to get your bear pumped for action!

Okay, now you’re ready to fight some aliens with your new Power Rangers bear. Maybe you should get one of each so you have a complete set to battle with. That sounds pretty adorable. And don’t forget to show the bears the trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

You can grab the new Power Rangers bears in Build-A-Bear stores and online right now. And then, you can catch Power Rangers in theaters on March 24th. Make sure to buy a ticket for each of your new bears. I bet they’d enjoy the film as much as you! Just make sure to cover their eyes if it gets scary.