This “Buffy”-skeptic has been live-tweeting the entire series and her journey is epic

There are a few iconic shows that seemly everyone watched and only a select few were unable to get into. The Wire, Prison Break, Two and A Half Men — and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Before there was Twilight, Buffy was kicking ass and lovin’ on certain brooding vampires. Devon Maloney, a writer for publications such as Pitchfork and Vuture, recently decided to give this show another shot. For the fifth time.

Apparently the first four didn’t stick. This time around, Devon decided to live tweet her journey and let us know her thoughts as the show progresses. Now, if you were a Buffy fan growing up you know that the show had dips and questionable arcs but you loved it anyway. Hearing an outsider point those flaws out is not only entertaining, it’s outright perfection.

I mean, come on! That’s Twitter gold! As someone who got into Buffy purely on the basis of needing to see David Boreanaz‘s face, the show was full of exciting moments and twists. Some things were very questionable like: 

While others were spot on.

There was so much sexual tension, ass whooping and magical happenings going on that you almost forget this was based off a movie about a cheerleader who kills vampires at her school dance.  Lucky for us, Devon is able to bring back all of those WTF and OMG moments on twitter.

And it’s especially great to watch her get more and more addicted:

And of course you’ve got to love when she hits the musical episode:


Well, despite the initial skepticism, it looks like our beloved Buffy reeled in another hopelessly obsessed fan at last. Hopefully she decides to also dive into the amazingness that is Angel because we are not ready to stop laughing at and with the show.

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