This $213 train ride takes you through the most beautiful cities in America, so start packing your bags

Summer is in full swing, and that means we’ve caught the travel bug. The warmer summer months are the perfect time to explore new cities—but is there a way to do that without breaking the bank? Welp, turns out there is, thanks to a shockingly affordable cross-country train ride that that won’t put you over your budget.

Derek Low, a noted travel blogger and travel expert, created this train route to efficiently save money and bring you amazing sights, all between San Francisco and New York. You can ride either the California Zephyr or the Lake Shore Limited to partake in this adventure. The best part?

A round trip will only cost you $213—that’s quite a steal to see some of the most beautiful cities in America, like Salt Lake City, Denver, and Chicago.

This route also has an extended trip offer ($429 for a 15-day extended rail), giving you more time to sight-see in each new city.

So consider taking this route on your next summer adventure—your wallet and sense of wanderlust will thank you.

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