Budget-friendly ways to give your home total summer vibes all year round

Winter, spring, summer, or fall? If summer is your favorite season, you might be feeling a tinge of sadness as August quickly approaches — marking the final month of endless beach days and sunny cookouts. But don’t get too upset: You can keep the summer vibes going all year ‘round by giving your home a budget-friendly sun, sea, and sand inspired makeover.

What better way to enjoy your favorite season than to bring major summer vibes into your home, even while on a budget?

Summer is an awesome time of year to refresh your space, and a good approach to tackling interior design is to bring elements you love from outside in. And since we’re looking to help you do just that, here are 10 ways to hold on to those fleeting summer days.

1Spring clean — no matter the season.

Giving your home a good old-fashioned, top to bottom cleaning is a great way to refresh your space and invite the vibes of summer in.

2Splash a fresh coat of paint on your walls…

During warmer weather, most people opt for lighter colors — from their hair to their clothes, so why should your home be any different? Summer is all about bright and vibrant colors so grab a can of paint and splash some summer all over your walls.

3And don’t forget the ceiling.

While plain white ceilings can make a room feel bigger, picking a bolder color option can be an unexpected way to improve the summery, bungalow vibe of your home. Don’t be afraid to explore new colors.

4Bring outside in with some greenery.


You can’t think of summer without thinking of palm trees and cacti which means, if you really want to give your room a summer inspired makeover, you need to grab some greenery. However, if you were born without a green thumb or are just too busy to take care of summer plants, you could consider going the artificial route.

5Don’t be afraid to get a little fruity.

Shop around for a uniquely beautiful fruit bowl, fill it with whatever fruit is in season along with citrusy lemons, limes, grapefruit, and oranges, then watch summer come to life in your space.

6Rearrange your current furniture!

Change isn’t always good but when it comes to your home furniture…change might be exactly what you need to allow summer to move in. Rearranging furniture to bring about a more open space could make all the difference to the overall feel of a room.

7Pick up a few new summery items.


Now that you’ve rearranged and maybe even gotten rid of some old furniture, it’s the perfect time to pick up a few new summery pieces. Add some colorful sea turtle art or maybe a vintage decorative surfboard for the ultimate summer beach vibe.

8Stock up on summer scents.

After you’ve gotten the look down, it’s time to find the scent of summer perfection! From candles to incense, the options are infinite so find what works for you and light it up.

9Hang a hammock and relax!


Then finally, after you’ve achieved the perfect summer vibe throughout your home without breaking the bank, find a colorful hammock and relax. Because nothing says summer like chilling in a hammock with an iced-cold drink.

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