You probably missed this super sly reference to Bucky in the middle of “Black Panther”

Marvel’s Black Panther is here, and the world is a better place. The movie is now officially in theaters, which means you can watch it again, and again, taking in all the action-packed glory, strong female fighters, and the bumbling Everett Ross. You might also be on the lookout for Black Panther easter eggs, and while there aren’t as many of those as say, an early Phase 1 Marvel movie, there’s a pretty big one halfway through the movie. Our favorite (Disney) princess Shuri name drops Bucky Barnes well before we ever see him show up in Wakanda.

Obviously, there are spoilers ahead, but Black Panther has made over $200 million so there’s a high chance you’ve already seen it.

One of the major plot points of Black Panther revolves around the fact that newly crowned King T’Challa — aka, Black Panther — doesn’t want to open up Wakanda’s borders. The nation has been isolated since the beginning of time and T’Challa fears that opening up his world to outsiders, along with sharing resources, will end in disaster. However, over the course of the movie he slowly begins to change his mind, and the film ends with him before the United Nations, proclaiming that Wakanda is ready to meet the rest of the world.

Before this happens, though, he brings an outsider back to Wakanda. After the incident in Seoul, and after capturing Ulysses Klaue, T’Challa finds himself in the company of Everett Ross again (Martin Freeman, reprising his role from Civil War). Bad guy Killmonger shows up to bust Klaue out of the CIA’s holding facility, and in the process Ross is shot in the spine. It’s pretty bad, and there’s a fear he won’t make it. Rather than leaving him there to die, or be paralyzed for the rest of his life, T’Challa makes the decision to bring Ross back to Wakanda, where he can be treated and healed.

Showing up in Wakanda, T’Challa brings Ross to his ‘lil sis, who is also known as the smartest person in the world. Taking one look at Ross, Shuri deadpans, “great, another broken white boy for me to fix.”

It’s really meant as a throwaway line, and you might have not even heard it. But, it’s an important line as it directly sets up the last end credit scene of Black Panther, when we see Bucky with the Good Hair — he’s the first outsider white boy Shuri has fixed.

During one of the end credit scenes in Captain America: Civil War, we learn that Bucky doesn’t trust himself anymore and has decided to be put on “ice” again until he can be fixed. You know, considering that he’s a trained sleeper agent and may have caused a giant rift in the Avengers by killing Tony Stark’s mom and dad and stuff. Steve Rogers brings Bucky to Wakanda, where they’ll look after him until a “cure” can be found.

It appears as if a cure has been found, and it’s all thanks to Shuri. Bucky is up and moving at the end of Black Panther, and though we don’t know how or what was done to him, Shuri certainly implies that she’s “fixed” him — and now, ugh, another white boy in the form of Ross has arrived in her lab and she’s got to fix him, too? Can’t Shuri catch a break? Won’t someone take her to Disneyland? How many more white boys out there need fixing??