Buckingham Palace just addressed those Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement rumors

There’s a major royal rumor circulating that Prince Harry is about to pop the question to Meghan Markle. And it seems like the whole world is here for it. In fact, Buckingham Palace just addressed the engagement rumors. And now, we don’t know what to think.

If you can believe it, Prince William and Kate Middleton wed nearly seven years ago, and so much has happened since then. William and Kate are already expecting their third child. Everyone seems to be ready for royal wedding part two. Even the bookmakers agree — they have suspended bets on a 2018 royal wedding because the possibility seems so high at this point.

It’s no secret that things are serious between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to reports, Markle has moved out of her Toronto residence and into Nottingham Cottage, Harry’s residence at Kensington Palace. Apparently, it’s not so much of an “if” they get engaged, but a “when.” And that could seriously shake up the British monarchy.

Perhaps eyes are on the royal family even more so than usual, given that this year marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. We’ve also seen some incredible fairytale weddings (most recently, Serena Williams’s to Alexis Ohanian), and that’s only got us jonesing to see more.

So, what does the royal family have to say about all this?

Well, according to Hello!, a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace responded to the rumors, only saying that they “would not give a running commentary on Harry’s love life.”

If you ask us, that seems very suspicious.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl agrees that an engagement seems like it’s coming soon, according to ET. But she does make a strong point that “it really is all about the timing.”

"You have to remember there are other engagements and events coming up in the royal calendar that an engagement simply couldn’t clash with," Nicholl told ET. "I think that the new year is probably a more realistic prospect for an engagement announcement.

2018, you’re looking pretty good already!

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