Bubble wrap’s new look is about to shatter your dreams

Woe is our bubble wrap-loving hearts! The best part of opening a package is about to get a revamp, and our fingers are bummed about it. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sealed Air (the makers of bubble wrap) is “rolling out a new flat version to cut down on the high costs of shipping air.”

Bubble wrap is apparently, is getting too expensive to ship — which is why Sealed Air introduced a new kind of packaging product, one where “air will shift in columns of bubbles,” CNN reports. “The new design comes in sheets, allowing more to be stored and shipped at one time.” Well, that’s something—and it’s awesome for the environment if it means the new wrap will cut down on travel (though, we’re not sure it will.)

But here’s the hitch: the new bubble wrap is specifically designed so the bubbles don’t pop.

The new, bubble wrap impostor, called “iBubble Wrap,” isn’t just unpoppable, it doesn’t even arrive pre-inflated. Gizmodo reports, “Whoever buys a roll will receive it as a flat piece of plastic, which they then must inflate using a pump, which costs as much as $5,500.” Yikes.

So, what will fill that gaping hole in our lives where bubble wrap used to be? What will ever provide the perfect amount of satisfying, cathartic pop? Probably nothing, but luckily, Sealed Air announced it wouldn’t be taking the original bubble wrap away, at least, not completely. Today the company adorably tweeted, “It warms our bubbly heart to see the responses from concerned #BubbleWrap fans. Fear not! #WeWontStopThePop We’re just expanding our family.”

Still, bubble wrap enthusiasts around the globe are freaking out (rightfully so!) and expressing the same feelings we totally feel:

Oh, it truly is the end of an era. Farewell (kind of) bubble wrap. We’ll miss you.

(Images via Twitter, WSJ video)

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