Get holiday party-worthy curls by using bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap.

Curling your hair can be such a drag. There are so many factors that go into it: what if you buy the wrong size wand or rollers? What if you use too much heat and end up damaging your hair? If you choose to use a curling wand, you run the risk of ending up with a burn on your neck that looks like a hickey — probably not the look you want at a work or family holiday party. You can try traditional rollers, but let’s be real: is there any comfortable way of sleeping in rollers? I’ve yet to find one.

Luckily, there’s an easy, heat-free way to get the Disney princess curls of your dreams: bubble wrap. That’s right, bubble wrap. The flexible sheet of plastic is the perfect material to work with your hair, not against it. You can roll it as thick or as thin as you need for the size of curls desired for your hair.

To get these curls, all you need is time (you need to sleep in these), bubble wrap, your styling product of choice, hair elastics, and, if you want more control over how your hair lays, bobby pins. If you’re a wild sleeper, use bobby pins to secure the pins against your scalp. This will ensure your curl and your safety – you definitely don’t want the bubble wrap to come loose during the night, as that could pose a suffocation risk.

There are plenty of Youtube tutorials on how to achieve bubble wrap curls. Seventeen also recently featured an easy-to-follow breakdown of a tutorial by Brazilian-based vlogger Paula Stephânia. Stephânia also posted a quickie version on Instagram, which you can view below.

Best of all: there’s zero risk of burning yourself (or your hair). It’s also a nice way to recycle bubble wrap especially if, like me, you have tons of it laying around from all the online shopping you’ve been doing recently.

(Featured Image via Instagram, Giphy)