This BTS video of Uzo Aduba getting into her “Orange is the New Black” character is crazy impressive

Uzo Aduba plays one of our favorite characters on Orange is the New Black. She plays Suzanne, aka “Crazy Eyes,” who is a little unbalanced, but also totally pulls at your heart strings. We have always been curious how Uzo manages to get into a character like that, but now, thanks to this video from a Rolling Stone shoot, we know.

This video of Uzo shows her very intense process of getting into character, and it’s definitely got our attention.

That’s right, Uzo has to scream in order to get into the head of Suzanne, but now that we think about it, that makes perfect sense. Suzanne is a character whose instability and emotional troubles come from her inner turmoil, so in a way, the character is probably constantly screaming on the inside. We can totally see where Uzo would need to get her body into that screaming kind of place as a way to really get that feeling of frustration and trauma.

As the caption says, "During the shoot we were standing out in the hall when we heard a scream. We came rushing in to see if everyone was OK. It turned out #UzoAduba was just getting into her character, #CrazyEyes — and helping Mark get the perfect shot."

LOL, that would definitely be a startling thing to hear in the studios! But hey, acting gets pretty intense, especially on a show like OITNB.

We can totally see how Uzo’s methods help with Suzanne’s intensity, like when she gets really upset.

Although sometimes, it’s Suzanne who just perfectly sums up the insanity at Litchfield.

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