We talked to Bryce Dallas Howard about Disney movies, because she gets why we need them so much

If you’re looking for a feel-good family movie this holiday season (and one that will undoubtedly make you cry…a lot), look no further than Pete’s Dragon. The 1977 animated movie got the live-action treatment earlier this year, and it’s hitting the DVD (and/or, streaming) shelves next week just in time for you to snag a copy for the die-hard Disney enthusiasts in your life. It even stars a Disney enthusiasts!

Of course, we’re talking about the delightful Bryce Dallas Howard, who traded in her Black Mirror and her dinosaurs for a little while to play Grace, a park ranger who happens to come across the orphaned Pete in the woods, and soon finds herself face-to-face with Elliot — that’s the dragon of Pete’s Dragon fame.

HelloGiggles got the chance to talk to Bryce about the movie, and even more importantly, about Disney movies. Everyone loves Disney movies, including Bryce, and she can’t help but gush about why she especially likes Pete’s Dragon.

“I think that, in many ways Pete’s Dragon is, yes, it’s technically a companion film to the first Pete’s Dragon that came out in the 70s, but I think this [new movie] is more reflective of the early more classic Disney films,” she explains. “[Those early movies had] just real emotional depth and power, and [storylines that] sort of imagine the worst case scenario possible and find a way to get through it.”

“This is about a boy who is orphaned and if that’s not every kid’s greatest fear I don’t know what is,” Bryce continues. “And again, this is in the tradition of Disney’s earliest films. It is a story of how a young person, or a young character can overcome tremendous odds and thrive regardless of the misfortune of their youth. It is ultimately very uplifting and I think that is something we definitely need. we’ve always need it, and we still need it.”

Oh, we certainly need it right now. Truthfully, we always need stories about overcoming crazy odds,  and there’s no better place to turn for those than our shelve of Disney movies.

As for Bryce’s favorite Disney movies  (aside from Pete’s Dragon, obviously), growing up it was The Little Mermaid because, “I was in third grade and red hair.” Right now, though, the favorite Disney movie honor goes to another film:

“I say say Inside Out. Well, it’s probably a tie between that and Frozen. I thought [Inside Out] was the best film of the year. I remember watching it and thinking, this is the best film of the year. And then Frozen, of course, is on repeat on my house.”

Good choices. Now group the together with Pete’s Dragon, and you’ve got a ‘lil trio of Disney movies that will make you cry for all different reasons.