Bryce Dallas Howard just confirmed she will NOT be wearing heels in the next Jurassic World

Look, we all had a straight-up blast watching dinosaurs run amok in this summer’s Jurassic World. That said, even in this Hollywood-iest, blockbuster-iest of movies, we couldn’t suspend our disbelief for one specific detail: Bryce Dallas Howard wearing heels for basically the entire movie. She ran away from SO many dinosaurs in stems that had to be, let’s be real, minimum four inches. And these aren’t chunky heels we’re talking about either, those shoes were bona fide stilettos. We could get behind the insanity of the prehistoric reptiles taking over the park, but we could not believe that Bryce wouldn’t take off her heels to literally save her life. As you might remember, the Internet had quite a bit to say about Bryce’s now-infamous heels. The costuming choice was deemed everything from illogical to outright sexist.

Bryce herself had a LOT of feelings about those heels.

“[I was] totally surprised. But I had so many different feelings about it… my most superficial feelings about it were that, you know, I mean it was really hard running in heels all the time! I’m like ‘People are acknowledging it!’ It stood out to them because it stood out to me, too. It was crazy. Now, in terms of the controversy of it, that is something I didn’t expect at all, because I sort of, just from my perspective I thought ‘Well, of course it’s illogical for her to be in heels in the jungle. She never intended to go in the jungle.’ And if you put on flats, that would be a cheat, you know, that would be something like ‘Oh, she managed to get her hands on some flats,’ like, no, no, no, Claire never thought she was going to end up traipsing through the jungle, let alone outrunning a T-Rex…so that kind of side of things, you know, of course she wouldn’t have sensible footwear on…she worked in an office, and that’s how she dressed. She’s a woman who probably could run a marathon in heels, and would, and would prefer it.”

Bryce acknowledges that she had a difficult time wrapping her mind around the controversy, but she does promise that in the next installment, change is coming.

“But here’s what I will say, is the way that Colin [Trevorrow, Jurassic World director] told me that the sequel was happening, like when it got greenlit, and I was going to be in it, he texted me “#noheels2018.’ And I was like ‘Yeah, boy!”

Bryce then joked that she wants the first shot of Jurassic World 2 to be her stomping down her foot in really “capable” footwear, “…like something with great arch support…rubber soles…she needs to be ready to run.”

Well, it sounds like Bryce is going to have a MUCH more comfortable time shooting the sequel. So we’re excitedly getting ready to COMPLETELY suspend our disbelief for the sequel.

Check out the interview in full below:

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