Bryce Dallas Howard actually insisted on wearing heels for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — but don’t worry, her ankles are okay

The first Jurassic World movie in the rebooted Jurassic Park trilogy features a lot of near impossible things, like dinosaurs breaking free and roaming the Earth, Chris Pratt communicating extensively with a raptor, and Bryce Dallas Howard running in high heels. It’s this last one that not-so-surprisingly caused an outcry following the 2015 movie. How dare we let Bryce Dallas Howard run in high heels? She is a national treasure and must be protected.

Following the movie’s release, Howard — and the whole Jurassic World team — reassured the planet that the scene with Claire running in high heels to escape a T-Rex was totally safe. Howard actually trained herself to run in high heels. When the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom first dropped, we all couldn’t help but notice that Claire was wearing boots. But still, gotta ask — Bryce, are your feet a-okay??

"I can say that I really appreciate everyone's concern for my ankles' wellbeing, and I can report back that we are good," she told HelloGiggles over the phone ahead of the release of Fallen Kingdom. "I love those boots [in the new movie]."

The team behind Fallen Kingdom is super aware that if Claire were to start running in heels again there’d be a massive uproar. So, while yes, Claire is now wearing comfortable footwear on Isla Nublar, she hasn’t ditched high heels all together. In fact, Howard actually insisted she wear heels for her first scene in the new movie, which is very much now an in-joke for this series.

“When I first read the script, [Claire’s first scene] had the that callback moment of Claire in the elevator in, and it’s, like, panning up from her shoes when she says, ‘Welcome to Jurassic World,’ and steps out of an elevator. And so, we have that moment in [Fallen Kingdom], but it was written that I was wearing sneakers, and I instantly circled that, and I was like, No! No! No way!” Howard said.

“The takeaway from Jurassic World is not, at all times, be ready to run from a dinosaur,” Howard continues. “The takeaway is that she could outrun a T-Rex in high heels, how badass is she? And so of course she’s going to wear heels to the office, and that was something that kind of felt, I don’t know, I was like, ‘There was no other choice.’ Like, I felt really self righteous about [wearing heels], that’s what it was.”

Way to reclaim the high heels, BDH. So rest assured and sleep easy tonight — Bryce’s ankles are fine, PROMISE. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 15th.