Bryan Cranston gave the sassiest answer to a ‘Breaking Bad’ fan at Comic Con

Bryan Cranston, best known for his portrayal of Walter White — one of the most captivating and fearsome characters on television — surprised a Breaking Bad fan in the most unexpected way at Comic Con this week. The actor was answering questions on a panel to promote his new Crackle series, SuperMansion, when a teenage boy asked what he liked about filming Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“It’s my hometown,” the boy laughed, obviously excited to be asking his question. “So I want to know, how’d you like it? Didja have fun there?”

After seeing Bryan Cranston play a meth-dealing anti-hero for five seasons, it’s easy to project his character onto his real self. So the room sort of held its breath when his expression became serious after this guy’s innocent question.

“Yeah,” he said with a totally straight face. “I’d go and visit your mother once in a while.”

What?! Oh, the burn. The sweet sweet burn! I mean, we knew that Bry (may I call you Bry?) could be funny, since he played a quirky dad on Malcolm in the Middle, but that “your mom” joke came out of nowhere.

As the crowd screamed in both shock and amusement, Bryan “Your Mother Joke” Cranston took the situation to a whole other level and literally dropped the mic.

Even though his Breaking Bad days are over, Mr. Cranston will continue to play a fallen hero in the new Crackle series, SuperMansion. The stop-animation show was created by the same people who are responsible for Robot Chicken, so it’s obviously going to be hilarious and irreverent.

SuperMansion’s trailer introduces Titanium Rex, voiced by Cranston, an aging super hero facing an unwanted retirement. Judging from the video, the show looks like it will be a cross between The Incredibles (lots of heroes) and Family Guy (lots of bodily fluid jokes). It debuts this fall and will probably be amazing.

Take a look at the clip from Comic Con right here, and prepare yourself for ultimate Bryan Cranston saltiness:

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