Whoa, Bryan Cranston wrote a memoir, and it looks pretty deep

We love Bryan Cranston so much. He wowed us as Hal on Malcolm In The Middle, and of course — words can’t describe how phenomenal he was in Breaking Bad. And when we learned he was part of the upcoming Power Rangers movie (and part of the Power Rangers franchise in general) it made us really excited about checking out the movie in theaters. So, the fact that he wrote a memoir, called A Life in Parts, is huge — we’d love the chance to learn more about him, as a person.

As it turns out, Cranston’s life is pretty intense.

It seems like Cranston had a terrible ex.

Yes, someone was capable of making Bryan Cranston go a little crazy. Her name was “Ava”, likely changed for print, and she stalked him to the point of terror. So much that he dreamed about, uh… killing her. Rough stuff, but now he’s happy with his wife Robin Dearden, and thankfully has no criminal record.


He’s got a thing for tighty-whities. And that thing is hatred.

It’s not just Walter White who has a history with briefs. Hal on Malcolm In The Middle wore them too. So when Cranston learned that Walter White preferred them over, say, boxers, he had a conversation with Vince Gilligan to see if it could be rewritten. Eventually, he changed his mind. In his own words, he admits that “Tighty-whities are funnier.”

His first time having sex was with a lady of the night.


…And, it seems like he definitely has a story to tell about the whole experience. “In the room, she indicated I should take off my clothes. This was happening,” Cranston wrote on page 47 of his book. “There’d been no fireworks. No tenderness. No talking. We never exchanged names. I’d had no idea what I was doing. It was just this stranger and me at the particular moment in time. As uncomplicated as it should be.” While we hoped it’d be with someone he loved, we know the experience likely helped shape his character.

Life In Parts, just released this week, already has a solid five-star rating on Amazon at the time of publication. It’s definitely worth checking out for a good weekend read!

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