Bryan Cranston just resurrected Walter White. Talk about a miracle.

Oh, how happy three little words can make us. And no, they’re not “I love you” (although those are nice, too). They’re “Say my name!” (Do we need to remind you who said it?) Dear, crazy Walter White/Heisenberg, how we’ve missed you!

After the last episode of Breaking Bad aired, we’ve been in major Walter withdrawal. That’s why we were SO excited when Bryan Cranston revived his alter-ego in front of a crowd of thousands during the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) on Saturday in Las Vegas.

This weekend at EDC, Above & Beyond—the British trance crew—was poised to play “Walter White,” a song they first recorded back in 2013. And just before the band began to play, Bryan Cranston stepped on stage to make a grand introduction, in character, of course.

In front of the screaming and roaring audience, he said into the microphone with pseudo-anger (but he totally couldn’t hide the smile): “Say my name.” It was episode 7, season 5 of Breaking Bad all over again. And the crowd went (understandably) WILD.

“You’re God-d*mn right,” he responded to the crowd, following his Breaking Bad script. And then he bellowed, “Walter White, ABOVE AND BEYOND!” Next, he pressed the play button and started dancing to the song on stage, and all of us fangirls and fanboys just totally passed out in happiness.

If all that weren’t enough, he took to Twitter to share the celebration with the Internet:

Oh, our hearts. What a seriously PERFECT way to a) make a sweet jam even sweeter, b) make a crowd go wild with happiness, c) make an entire fandom feel those old feelings, d) pay tribute to one of the best characters in TV history.

Watch the whole thing go down below, and then fight off the urge to re-watch every episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix. Actually, don’t fight it. Just go with it.

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