Bryan Cranston revealed that he was once a murder suspect based on a misunderstanding, and, whoa

Just when we needed a weird and distracting story, our buddy Walter White pulls through. During the First We Feast’s Hot Ones competition, actor Bryan Cranston admitted he was a murder suspect after a certain joke was taken the wrong way. We know how it feels when a joke doesn’t land, but — we’ve never seen a joke fail that terribly.

Cranston was at the competition with James Franco, his costar in the new movie Why Him? While chomping down on the wings (in which there were five delicious flavors to sample) Cranston flawlessly told the story.

The full segment was fifteen minutes of bliss. And now, all of a sudden, we’re in the mood for some wings.

Besides the murder, they discussed beards, advice about meeting the parents in a new relationship, and Franco’s show based on mash-ups. But, uh, let’s talk more about the murder.

It all happened when Cranston was working for a Polynesian restaurant many years ago. Him and his coworkers didn’t seem to get along too well with the chef, named Peter. While chatting about it together, as coworkers often do, Cranston said something he’d never forget.

"I said I think I’d slice him up in a wok and stir fry him and make moo goo gai Peter," Cranston noted.

So when Peter went missing shortly after Cranston quit the job, it’d make sense that Cranston would be questioned. After all — even though it was all in good fun, he did technically verbalize a threat.

"The cops came into the restaurant and said, ‘Is there anybody here that ever talked about hurting Peter Wong?'" Cranston said.

Unfortunately, Peter’s fate was a tragic one. But lucky for Cranston, the cops realized that he had nothing to do with it. Surely he felt bad after it happened.

Cranston wasn’t necessarily trying to keep this all a secret, as he’s discussed Wong before, once saying that “no matter how nice you may have been to him, he hated you.”

Who knows? Maybe Cranston channeled the experience into his Breaking Bad role. While Cranston will never forget about Peter (who would?) he probably learned a valuable lesson through it all — sometimes, crass jokes might end up backfiring in a pretty terrible way.

If you love Bryan Cranston and James Franco’s chemistry, you should check them out in Why Him? which came out in theaters on December 23rd. It’s always good to end the year with a solid laugh, and this comedy might just be the ticket.

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