Tuck yourself in and listen to Bryan Cranston reading ‘You Have to F***ing Eat’

Dear sweet Audible, you have given every adult a NSFW bedtime story. ‘You Have to F***ing Eat’ is the follow-up to Adam Mansbach’s best seller, Go the F*** to Sleep.’ Two years ago Samuel L. Jackson lent his voice to the sleepy time book narrated from a parents perspective and now Mr. Bryan Cranston’s (say his name) voice will be used to tell a beautifully illustrated story of a parent at his wits end due to his child’s stubborn appetite. This is not a kids book but Bryan Cranston’s narration will make you feel like grabbing a comfy blanket, maybe “a scotch, neat”, and relax while listening to him plead with a child to f***ing eat ?

Watch the recently realized video teaser below and download the full recording, for FREE, HERE until 12/12/14.


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