Just in case you ever wondered what a Walter White-led boy band would look like…

Successfully completing the arc that Boyz II Men began (and borrowing their pristine white suits, we’re pretty sure,) Bryan Cranston has allowed us to all grow up a little with his new “man band.”  Comprised of Cranston, James Cordon, and Reggie Watts, Men Not Boys took to Cordon’s The Late Late Show to premiere their new single “I Can’t Be Your Boy.”

Once you are done reveling in the glory that is everything about this song, let us pause like mature musical critics and point out the most awesome moments in a sea of awesomeness.

#1 Cranston’s hair. Sure, you may still hold a torch for bald and burly Walter White, but there’s something pretty cunning about that perfectly centered baby mohawk.

#2 Every single lyric. From Cranston’s rough around the edges “you need someone who still doesn’t believe in ATMs and emojis” to Watt’s crooned “your name is on my arm, and written in my will,” they nailed a whole bunch of grown men cliches we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

#3 Reggie Watts’ singing! Not surprising, given his extensive performance background, but dude’s got pipes. As hilarious as it is to hear Cranston and Cordon rhapsodizing about mortgages and minivans, every time Watt’s started to sing, we honestly got a little swoony.

As silly as this performance was- and seriously, how were they not choking on the 2000 gallons of atmospheric smoke pumped onto that stage- we can’t help but give serious thought to their point. There comes a point in every person’s life when they realize that they are just flat-out done with puppy love and Lloyd Dobbler-esque gestures and would greatly prefer a guy tor gal to bluster about a sexy credit score and the high safety ratings of a new ride. We sincerely hope to hear more from this -and other- Man Bands soon, though instead of waiting in lines screaming for their new album, we’d like it tastefully released on NPR with ten percent of the proceeds going to charity because real men care.

Check out the magic and the mystery below:

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