Please enjoy Bryan Cranston laugh-crying over himself on “Baywatch”

Bryan Cranston is one of the most loved and most celebrated actors of the decade. He’s won multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe for his masterful portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. He won a Tony for his portrayal as Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way. And this year, he’s nominated for his first Academy Award this year for his work in Trumbo. You know what that means—if he wins the Oscar, he’ll earn the honor of being an EGOT!

But the actor wasn’t always cast in high-profile, award-winning roles. Last night on the SAG Awards red carpet, Giuliana Rancic brought back one such memory. She played a clip of a cameo Bryan made on Baywatch in 1989, and it immediately brought tears to his eyes. He even had a tissue to wipe them away!

“Wow. I don’t understand how that could have been overlooked for the Emmys or the SAG Awards. It brings a tear to my eye every time… I’m sorry,” the actor trailed off.

He was kidding, of course, and his antics had Giuliana in stitches. In the episode of Baywatch, one of the show’s earliest, Bryan played the role of Tom Logan, an aviator-wearing, speedboat-cruising guy. He’s come a long way since then! It makes us wonder: What other old clips of Hollywood’s biggest names can we dig up?

Watch below to see Bryan Cranston get emotional over his younger self in Baywatch!

(Featured image via YouTube.)

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