Introducing Brusselmole, the new dip you’ll either love or hate

Yesterday British supermarket Marks & Spencer announced their Christmas menu (I know, already!), and it caused quite a stir. Along with mind-melting goodies like Prosecco-flavored crisps and sausages filled with sprouts, M&S has come up with something called “Brusselmole.”

What is this delightful concoction, you ask? Well, it’s guacamole made with Brussels sprouts, of course! And for just  £1.90 (or about $3), it can adorn your holiday spread this year.

M&S call the dish a “a festive take on the classic Mexican dip, made with Brussels sprouts and a splash of maple syrup” and suggest serving it on “toasted sourdough with bacon or pancetta.” OK, we’re down with that. But wait, how does it taste?

Some of the Buzzfeed folks beg to differ. Their taste-testers called the dish “sour” and compared the aftertaste to school lunch food.

For the record, M&S didn’t exactly invent the Brusselmole dip (though hats off, for the portmanteau). We found a few Brussels sprout-based guac recipes online. Go ahead, try it out for yourself. Dare you.

(Image via Twitter)

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