These brushes were made for all the makeup-loving unicorns, fairies, and mermaids you know

Makeup companies like Unicorn Lashes and I Heart Makeup have jumped on board the magic-inspired beauty train and we couldn’t be happier. After all, magic, makeup and brushes pretty much go hand in hand. We’ve known this ever since we were little and craved that other-worldly glow the Childlike Empress had in The Neverending Story and the rosy cheeks and bold brows of Sarah in Labyrinth. If you’re bummed that you couldn’t get your hands on the sold-out Unicorn Lashes brush set, there are other options to choose from that are just as fantastical.

Upon our magic beauty travels (on Instagram) we have found the most PERFECT fairytale-glam makeup brush sets from a brand called SLMissGlam.

The FairyTale Collection includes six unique magically-inspired sets of brushes — perfect for the makeup-loving unicorns and other mystical creatures in your life!

We can’t believe these PINK unicorn horn makeup brushes are real!

The Unicorn Love brush set is available for $79.99 on their website and includes brushes for powder, highlight, foundation, blush, contour, and blender.

They are just TOO perfect!

If you’re not that into unicorns but love pastel colors, there’s still all sorts of sets to choose from.

These brushes prove you’re never to old to live your life like a fairytale!

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