Fingers crossed! Bruno Mars might’ve just landed the year’s biggest gig

Tuesday night, Entertainment Weekly reported that Bruno Mars had, in fact, been offered the headliner spot at Super Bowl 50. Later, Billboard released a conflicting report stating that Bruno Mars had been tapped as the show’s “curator,” not the headliner.

In the immortal words of the Backstreet Boys, “Quit playing games with my heart.”

Although neither report has been officially confirmed by Bruno Mars or the NFL, there is a strong possibility that Bruno will be involved in the show in some way.

According to Billboard, the NFL’s director of media events, Sarah Moll, is a huge Bruno Mars fan, and is partially responsible for his Super Bowl debut with the Red Hot Chili Pepper two years ago.

“Myself and our producer, Ricky Kirshner, were both personal fans of Bruno and had seen him in concert and knew what he could do,” Moll told Billboard. “And it was a lot of just telling folks here and getting folks excited about Bruno and taking them to shows and letting them see what he could do. And that’s kind of what got it going.”

In the end, executives get the last say on the who’s, what’s and why’s, but it should help knowing Mars pulled an impressive 115 million viewers that year (only to trail Katy Perry’s halftime show of 121 viewers one year later. And she had left shark).

So: Is it OK for you to celebrate in the streets with a 50 pound boombox on your shoulder blasting “Uptown Funk”? Only time will tell, but you have our permission to go ahead and do it anyway. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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