Bruno Mars sang Adele and when will they collaborate again already?!

Is it just us, or is music really good right now? Speaking of one of the greats, Entertainment Weekly let us know that Bruno Mars covered Adele’s “All I Ask” with his band The Hooligans on BBC Radio 1, and it begs the obvious question…WHEN WILL THEY COLLABORATE AGAIN?

They’ve already worked together on this very song (he co-wrote it and famously called Adele a “diva,” but as a total compliment) and both have released a ton of great solo work. Adele’s 21was declared the greatest album of all time even, so come on — time to explore more adventures together!

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy tender Bruno channeling his inner-Adele in this emotional track. It’s still a ballad, but he gives it the magic touch with movement, flair and attitude.

This guy! His voice is just amazing (seriously rivals the greats, like Michael Jackson, in our humble opinion), and he’s so darn likable and sweet and talented to boot. Did you see him yell the words, “We love you Adele!” at the end? Awwwww.

Okay, Bruno’s cover was a great tease… eriously, we require a substantial collaboration now. Christmas album? Okay it might be too late for that. Easter album? Arbor Day? Make it happen. Please and thank you!

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