Brownie batter Oreos are coming! Brownie batter Oreos are coming!

SOUND THE ALARM: Oreos stuffed with brownie batter are (probably) on their way, and we’re really not sure how to contain our excitement! While it hasn’t been 100 percent confirmed, The Impulse Buy posted a photo of the new Oreo flavor, and a couple weeks ago A.V. Club Instagrammed a pic of the chocolate-y addition at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago pairing it with the caption, “Spied these Brownie Batter #oreos yesterday at #SSE15, but they’re news to us. New flavors on the way?” Oh please say yes, Oreo!

Much like all of the new Oreos flavors (S’mores! Cotton candy! Red velvet!), this one also combines a familiar flavor with Oreo’s signature crispy, chocolate-y cookie sandwich. According to Food Beast, the brownie batter Oreo, “looks like it’s a standard chocolate outer cookie, but the filling is made of a brownie batter-flavored creme.” Licking brownie batter off the spoon while baking a batch of brownies comes to mind, and we can’t wait to have that in cookie form!

The company hasn’t confirmed a release date for these delish-looking cookies, but we’re hoping they’re on their way soon.

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