Brownie batter Oreos are officially here, and they will change your life

You thought Oreos couldn’t get any better when Red Velvet Oreos were introduced. Then, S’mores Oreos came along with their graham-cracker-and-marshmallow-y goodness. And then, Cotton Candy Oreos (which are actually delicious and taste like fluffy cotton candy, trust me) swept in. But now, it appears as if Oreo has finally outdone itself with its newest flavor: Brownie Batter Oreos. What have we done to deserve such a wonderful new addition to our lives?? Whatever it is, we should keep it up.

And these new Oreos. Brownie Batter. Literally combining two of our all-time favorite things together. Nestled between two outside chocolate cookies, we’re going to find delicious brownie batter filling inside, and it’s going to be beautiful and tasty and everything we ever dreamed of (BUT BETTER). It sounds like a double dose of chocolate.

Here’s what the official OREO Twitter account had to say about this delicious news:

The lucky folks over at People got a package sent over to them, and were kind enough to share their thoughts on these new Oreos, calling them, “super chocolate-y” and ” basically the only thing capable of making a Monday bearable.” Not having indulged in one of these yet, let’s just go ahead and agree with them, because they’re probably right.

As of TODAY, you can find these brownie batter Oreos on the shelves of wherever you go to stock up on Oreos. The new flavor was first spotted about a month back, and now, they’re finally real for us to eat one at a time, or by the package. They’re also being billed as a “limited time” Oreo offering, so go ahead and stock up on them NOW. You’ll thank yourself later.

(Images via Oreo)

Brownie batter Oreos are coming!

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