Have you noticed your vodka looking a little…brown lately? There’s a surprising reason why

Alright, vodka lovers, this is not a drill. You might notice a big change coming to your vodka and it’s a bit of a headscratcher. According to Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo at Delish, there is a chance your vodka might turn brown. Yeah: Brown vodka. What?! This is pretty perplexing, but from a business standpoint, makes some sense. Apparently, according to the Wall Street Journal, vodka sales are down, especially among millennial drinkers. Instead of vodka and other clear liquors, young drinkers are going for whiskeys and other brown liquors.

So, what are vodka and gin producers to do? According to Bellomo at Delish, many are trying to make their liquors take on a brown hue to fit in with the popular crowd. For example, some companies are distilling their vodka in whiskey casks, while others are simply adding caramel-colored flavoring.


Some companies, like Grey Goose, are introducing products like the VX where the vodka has been blended with cognac and then barrel-aged for two years. Wild, right?!

While we don’t know how drinkers will respond to this shift in brand and product, we’re definitely interested in trying some of these new, darker vodkas. Do we smell a pumpkin spice vodka any time soon? We’ll have to keep our tastebuds at the ready and wait and see!