These brothers recreated Andy’s room from “Toy Story,” and wow, we’ve never been more jealous of a bedroom

Be still our nostalgic hearts – these brothers may be the *biggest* Toy Story fans on the planet and honestly, we love them for it. Toy Story was a film that shaped most of our childhoods but for brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew, the childhood obsession with the film has turned into the best project ever.

After seeing Toy Story 3, which came out in 2010, the brothers had the best idea: Create a real-life replica of Andy’s bedroom. They duo decided to turn Mason’s room into Andy’s room, even going as far to replicate Andy’s mess, down to crumpled paper on the floor.

Now that’s what we’d call dedication.

Morgan and Mason revealed to Yahoo Celebrity that they’d re-watched the films for research on the project, pausing to screenshot images of Andy’s room from the film, to ensure accuracy. Mason even told Yahoo that whenever he moves things around his room, he’s always sure to move everything back to “Andy’s” mess.

Mason’s room isn’t the only project the McGrew brothers have been working on. The two are also working on a shot-for-shot live action replication of Toy Story, which they hope to have complete by Toy Story 4‘s release in 2019. The brothers are self-proclaimed Disney and Pixar fanatics, with Morgan keeping an Instagram account featuring all things Pixar.

While we have a million questions about the brothers and their Pixar projects, we’ll start with this…

Seriously though, you never grow too old for Disney and Pixar and we love that the McGrew brothers are living their best Pixar lives.

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