Two brothers hilariously recreated their childhood photos and we can’t stop staring

We’ve seen it done a million times before, and we might have even tried it ourselves — recreating family photos from yesteryear is a great way to get a shot of nostalgia and make one’s parents smile. At this point, tons of siblings have dug through closets, in search of not only old photo albums, but also old clothing to squeeze into and strike a childhood pose (usually the pose of a screaming child). And now, two brothers have taken the photo trend to the EXTREME next level of recreating old photos. They didn’t just recreate them, they Photoshopped them.

Instead of simply replicating poses and pictures from when they were little, the two gathered the old pictures, and then inserted their present-day faces onto their tiny child bodies. They of course made the same expressions as they did when they were little and the result is both hilarious, and mildly unnerving. There might be a reason why this hasn’t been done before, but now it’s certainly going to become a thing.

The brothers gifted this photo album of old pictures with new faces to their mom for Christmas. I’m dying to know what she thought of it. They also gifted these photos to the general public by uploading them onto imgur.

Looks like you’ve got about 11 more months to brush up on your Photoshop skills and convince your siblings into trying this out for mom. Check out the brothers’ pics below, you cannot un-see them.

All images via here.

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