Two brothers fake zombie apocalypse while driving sister home from dental surgery

We’ve seen our fair share of post-dental-surgery videos, but this one might just take the cake. After a pair of brothers took their little sister, Millicent, to get her wisdom teeth removed. While she was all drugged up on pain medication, they pulled an elaborate (and mean!) prank, convincing her that they were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. (We are hoping this is really and not just some viral brilliance from a late-night talk show host!)

The brothers truly went all out, getting things started with a fake radio announcement that warned D.C. residents of a possible viral outbreak.


You hear that? Even cannibalism.


Naturally, they sped home, as Millicent, even in her hazy state, started to get worried.


Once home, the two brothers started packing the car, leaving Millicent alone to process what was going on.


It didn’t take long for her to enter full panic mode as the reality of a zombie apocalypse sunk in and the brothers made it 10 times worse by asking some really difficult questions.



Or, we guess, not so difficult, since Millicent was Team Cat immediately.

While there were so many other hilarious moments, like when she had to choose between Funfetti or chocolate cake, or when she was taught to defend herself using only a claw grabber, the torture didn’t last forever.



We don’t know what happened after the camera turned off, but we hope there’s a follow up video of Millicent getting her much-deserved revenge. Watch the full prank below!

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