Genius way to get creeps to stop texting you: Respond in Hannibal Lecter quotes

The next time you’re out at the bar or tearing it up on the dance floor and someone is bothering you, maybe give this trick a try. Imgur user Lucy2Shoes had enough of one guy’s attempts to get her number, so she turned to the foolproof method she always uses during these situations. Hint: it’s hilarious

She explains how it all went down over on her post:

Rather than letting the guy know that he had the wrong number, her brother decided to mess with him a little, responding to his messages in only Hannibal Lecter quotes from the movie The Silence of the Lambs. At first, the guy is oblivious, but as the quotes get weirder, he gets more and more confused.

It looks like he might have gotten the message, but if not then don’t worry. There are plenty more creepy quotes where those came from.

(Image via Orion Pictures)