Because sometimes we deserve nice things, another network might actually save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Where were you when you learned that Fox had canceled their beloved ensemble cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well, if you were on Twitter, you saw almost immediately there was intense fan outcry and hella backlash. You don’t just cancel the funniest — AND ALSO MOST DIVERSE — show on television and expect it to disappear quietly into the night.

And, as with anything that is cherished and rudely taken away, no sooner had Fox axed the show that the universe began trying to save it for us. Back in the day, when a show was canceled it was canceled and that was it. But this is 2018, and when a show is canceled there’s a chance it still might live on elsewhere. Remember in 2015 when Fox canceled The Mindy Project and then Hulu saved it? Get happy, because Hulu might just save Brooklyn Nine-Nine, too.

According to Deadline, just like with Mindy, the streaming service is mulling over saving the show (PLEASE SAVE THE SHOW). Hulu already has the streaming rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so why not start making new episodes? Entertainment Weekly also reports that another “outlet or two has also expressed interest, according to one source.” NBC’s name has also been thrown into the ring. So see, there are others out there just like you and me who want to see Jake, Amy, Rosa, Boyle, Terry, Gina, Holy, Scully, and Hitchkock live to see another day.

Also, did you know that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a LOT of famous fans? Like, Lin-Manuel Miranda is very busy, so he doesn’t have time to save just ANY show:


There is clearly interest out there in the show, and a desire to save the series. We still can’t stress this enough: Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the most diverse cast on television — both in terms of race and sexuality — and something pure like that doesn’t happen every single television season. Someone please save our beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as that’d be the noice thing to do.

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