Here’s when Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back on TV, because honestly this is the only show that matters anymore

Wow, what a crazy roller coaster these past few days, huh? First, Fox RUDELY canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the internet collectively did a loud “oh hell no.” Following that, word got out that a few other networks were interested in picking up the ensemble comedy, with Hulu as the front runner. And then…Hulu rudely passed on the series. Just when it felt like all hope was lost, and we were going to have to bid the precinct goodbye forever, NBC — yes NBC! — swooped in and saved the day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will live to see Season 6, and is jumping networks over to NBC. Hallelujah. Or as Jake Peralta would say, “noice.” 

In the days since this decision was announced, there’s been a lot of happy tears, hugging, .gifs of Stg. Terry Jeffords dancing, and praises thrown at Mark Hamill (who may have, indirectly, helped with getting the show picked up). So now that we know Brooklyn Nine-Nine is officially coming back, the big question is: WHEN?

Keep in mind that there’s really only good news here, as the bottom line is that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back. However, the semi bad news is…that it won’t be back until 2019.

Ahead of NBC’s formal Upfront presentation (aka, when they announce their new fall lineup for the coming season), the network has already stated that Brooklyn Nine-Nine won’t air until midseason, which pushes the premiere date to next year. It’s still not the worst thing that has ever happened to us — because the worst thing was, for that rough 24 hour period, when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled.

While NBC hasn’t set an actual date for the premier, let alone a day of the week for it, rest assured that it’s coming. It’s also going to have a “shortened” season, and instead of the regular 20-something episodes that it was churning out on Fox, it’ll be 13 episodes. Don’t freak out about that low number, though, because NBC comedies like The Good Place also have 13-episode seasons, as that seems to be a new Mike Schur staple.

So yeah, this does mean we have at least eight months until we’ll see Jake, Amy, Rosa, Boyle, Gina, Terry, Captain Holt, Scully, and Hitchcock (and hopefully Cheddar) back for more action, this gives us plenty of time to watch, and rewatch, the series on Hulu right now.