Andy Samberg is so excited Brooklyn Nine-Nine has found a new home — and he’s already apologizing to NBC

It’s a tale as old as time: Just as a beloved sitcom is cancelled, a competing network swoops in to pick it up just in the nick of time. In this case, NBC saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation, and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so grateful for it. Well, with the exception of Andy Samberg, but that’s a different story. A mere days after their show was canceled, and revived, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast appeared at NBC’s Upfronts, and they did *not* hold their excitement back.

In every single picture of the event, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks like they’re about to burst out in laughter. And that makes sense! There was a whirlwind 24 hours where it seemed that the show was cancelled for good — and with only two episodes left in the season, no less. Fortunately, NBC renewed the FOX sitcom for 13 more episodes, and I cannot wait to see what they do with it. Hopefully, it will show up on Thursday nights, alongside literally two or three other amazing shows produced by the same comedy folks. BTW, are you *still* not watching Superstore? Get on that.

One catch to Brooklyn Nine-Nine being saved by NBC? Andy Samberg has some apologizing to do.

Samberg appeared onstage with Seth Meyers, his former Saturday Night Live costar and current star of Late Night With Seth Meyers, to discuss his return to NBC. It would appear that he maybe burned a bridge or two when the network passed on his sitcom in 2013. NBC had first rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but their “no thanks” allowed FOX to scoop it up, where it quickly became a hit. Before that, though, Samberg joked that he made personal calls to NBC executives and — you know what? It’s better in his own words.

But that’s not all…

Oh, Andy. Never change. He wasn’t the only Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast member to get in a few jokes, though. Costar Terry Crews excitedly mentioned in an interview that NBC was “the largest network” he’d ever been on, which is both a dig at FOX and possibly not even true. “The checks are gonna be amazing!” he said from the red carpet, and oh, I hope so. Terry loves fair compensation. Noice. Toit. Nine-nine!

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