Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been canceled, because we’re not allowed to have nice things like talented, diverse ensemble comedies

In the words of Captain Holt, everything is garbage right now. After sitting on the bubble for quite a while, Fox has decided to cancel the beloved, cherished, too-perfect-for-this-world Brooklyn Nine-Nine, because we’re not allowed to have nice things. We weren’t allowed to have nice things when Fox canceled The Mindy Project, and we’re still not allowed to have nice things now, either. (Let this also be the first of many, many pleas for Hulu to resurrect Brooklyn Nine-Nine.)

This is a tragedy (title of your sex tape) for a variety of reasons, and we don’t have time to list all of them right now because we’ll be here all day. But the big ones are these: The ensemble show was downright hilarious in so many surprising ways; the cast was incredibly diverse, featuring two women of color in leading roles; and not only was it diverse when it came to race, but it also featured an openly gay character, along with an openly bi character. You show me another show on television that has even HALF of that diversity among it’s seven leads.

Oh right, there isn’t one, because Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of a kind.

On top of that, Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t shy away from any topic — and think about how amazing that is, considering it starred one of the guys from Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, who really should have won an Emmy for his hijinks as Jake Peralta). Last season, there was an episode where Terry Crews’ Sgt. Terry Jeffords dealt with racial police profiling head on. This season we saw Stephanie Beatriz’s Rosa come out as bi, simply by telling the others she’s dating a woman — no fanfare, no buildup, just a normal conversation between friends explaining her sexuality

Also to note: There’s a great story about how when Beatriz learned that Melissa Fumero had been hired in a leading role. Beatriz was devastated because she didn’t believe a show could have two female Latina leads. OH BUT IT CAN, AND IT DID. Until Fox pulled the plug on it. 

As you can imagine, Twitter is P-I-S-S-E-D about this decision, and the last thing you want to do is take away something Twitter loves — like a wonderful, diverse show.

Also, you know what, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also pretty pissed about this, and we don’t want to piss him off:

In conclusion, Hulu (or Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or even HBO Go, or literally anyone out there with a streaming service), would you like to buy a gently used ensemble comedy?