Brooklyn gets Instagram revenge on David Beckham for all his groaner dad jokes

You’re probably aware of the ongoing, affectionate flame war between David Beckham and his sixteen-year-old son Brooklyn on Instagram. In case you need a little refresher, here goes: There was that time Brooklyn made a little video for IG announcing that he’d hit 1 million followers, only to be photobombed by his famous dad with a reminder that David has 52 million. There was also that time Brooklyn posted a moody black and white selfie captioned “rocking the old school Ralph Lauren,” to which his dad commented, “that’s my jumper.” (We should probably mention that basically all of Brooklyn’s pics are moody black and white shots. They’re also all pretty awesome.)

David’s latest embarrassing dad move on IG happened just three days ago when he posted a pic of Brooklyn sitting beside some sort of crazy looking Christmas character. (TBH we’re not even sure what that is. An elf? With antlers? Confusion reigns.) And of course he captioned it, “Brooklyn looking his cool self… Sorry but I had to post this.. Love you big boy.”

We think it’s kind of hilarious that the sexiest man alive likes to spend his free time trolling his teen son’s IG. We also find Brooklyn’s constant insistence that he is, in fact, cooler than his dad equally amusing. Again, reminders: The time he posted a pic of himself wrestling with David and captioned it, “In your dreams dad,” the time he reacted to his dad’s Sexiest Man Alive title by asking if he was sure it wasn’t meant to be himself instead (priceless) and the time he flat out said, “dads not happy about me being cooler than him” on one of his IG posts. So you KNOW Brooklyn wasn’t going to just let that elf picture go. (Seriously, though. What is that costume? We need to know.) Sure enough, yesterday he got sweet IG revenge. Literally. It seems his dad took a little midday snoozer on the sofa and Brooklyn saw it as an opportunity to cover him in candy and stage a photo shoot (in moody black and white, because obviously).

We love it, especially the hashtag #kissesfromthebeckhams. Points for creativity, Brooklyn. Extra points for putting the sweet in sweet revenge.

Your move, dad.

[Images via Instagram.]

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