All the times Brooklyn Beckham was peak teenager

Sixteen-year-old Brooklyn Beckham is the son of two of the most beautiful, glamorous people in the world. Literally, you guys. This year alone, his mom was named one of Glamour Magazine‘s Women of the Year and his dad was crowned Sexiest Man Alive by People. So yeah. His parents are rocking some major street cred. Growing up in the glow of such awesomeness would be intimidating for pretty much any teenager.

Except Brooklyn. Not. At. All. He’s got some serious self-esteem, as well he should. Because he’s killing it at the teenager game. TRUTH.

Like the time he managed to look like the coolest person on earth getting kissed by mom. (Yes. I know…who could look uncool getting a peck on the cheek from Victoria Beckham? Still, that look on his face. Priceless.)

  Or the time he showed off some serious skateboarding skills on IG in awesome slo-mo glory.

And the time he played soccer with his dad. Who only happens to be one of the most famous soccer players of all time. NBD.

  Speaking of soccer, Brooklyn is also besties with the World Cup-winning U.S. Women’s soccer team.

But faced with a roomful of balloons, he still acts like a totally normal kid.

 He can also rock some aviator glasses in a major way…and oh yeah, they happen to be from his mom’s fashion label. So there’s that.

We actually love the way Brooklyn unabashedly embraces his parents’ fame, like the time he pretended to chat with his mom’s empty seat at the Glamour Women of the Year awards. (He also presented her with her award onstage later. Because ADORABLE.)

  And it gives us heart eyes for eternity when he challenges his dad’s coolness.

And yet still isn’t too cool to start an Instagram account for his dog.

  Yeah we see you, Brooklyn. We see you.

[Images via @brooklynbeckham on Instagram.]

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