Brooklyn Beckham has Instagram advice for all of us. We’re listening.

Brooklyn Beckham (AKA son of Victoria and David Beckham) has 4.2 million followers on Instagram. So when he tells us that he has some Insta advice for the rest of us, you better believe we’re listening.

Recently, Brooklyn shot a how-to video for Miss Vogue entitled “Brooklyn Beckham’s Guide to Instagram” in which he gave us his best tips for posting our snaps on social.

He starts off by addressing the ever-popular selfie. “When every single photo on your profile consists of a photo of yourself, you need to re-think your Instagram.” Okay, so lesson #1: limit the selfies (even though all your faces are beautiful). Instead, the pro recommends that you keep an eye out for interesting things that may be going on around you. In other words, put the phone away for a smidge and enjoy real life.

Lesson #2: Let the followers come to you. “I mean, you wouldn’t beg someone to be your mate in real life, would you?” Brooklyn asks. Good point, the way to someone’s heart usually isn’t being thirsty like whoa. Next up, the young Beckham wants you to stop whatever you’re doing and throw your selfie stick in the trash. “Selfie sticks were funny for about five minutes,” is all he has to say about that.  “Filters can be fun, but don’t forget to chill out from time to time,” he advises. So what he’s saying is that some images are beautiful as they are and do not need to be enhanced with Nashville or Hefe (Seriously, who comes up with these filter names?)

Now we are 110% on board with his last piece of advice. “But my main rule is: don’t forget to make it fun.” If there’s anything that you take away from this video, we hope it’s this. Sometimes, social media can get too serious and self-important, especially when you begin to worry about how many likes, favorites, re-tweets, and followers you’re getting. Rather than worrying about these numbers, focus on making the internet a great hang for everybody.

Check out the full vid below and may your Instagrams be awesomer for this A+ advice.


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