“Broken Up” is the web series to binge if you or anyone you know has ever had their heart broken

Breakups suck, but with the help of her friends, one writer and performer was able to turn her pain into a hilarious web series called Broken Up.

Writer and producer Kerry O’Neill and director and editor Carmen Angelica co-created Broken Up, a six-episode series that chronicles Kerry’s heartbreak and her friends’ attempts at cheering her up.

A web series can be educational, informative, or in the case of Broken Up, equal parts funny and relatable. When you’re grieving so much that you even miss the person’s farts, when you can’t stop scrolling the “following” tab on Instagram to see what your ex is liking, it seems like nothing can bring you out of your funk.

Oof, we know this feel.


We’ve all been there. In bed, curtains drawn, surrounded by used tissues and candy wrappers, crying over some fuccb0i. Kerry’s got a great group of friends, though. They come through bearing gifts: crystals, w33d, daytime margs, squirrel costumes, and unconditional love and support.

Each episode clocks in under 5 minutes, so it’s a digestible binge you can do on your lunch break.


Part of what makes Broken Up so realistic is because it’s based on a true story. Kerry experienced a breakup in October, wrote the series in November, shot it over two days in January, and released it this month. Color us impressed! It’s always inspiring when someone can turn heartbreak and pain into art and comedy.

Yep, totally been there.


The budget for the series was low, at just around $1500. A talented cast of UCB performers worked for free and Kerry was able to pay a small crew and feed everyone. She didn’t have to worry about set design, either… She tells us,

"I'm super proud about how it came out, how cool my room looked! I didn't have an art director that's just how my room is! Of course, I messed it up a lot."

But the bigger question we have on our minds, will there be a second season? Kerry says,

"Maybe! If there is, it would probably be about navigating a friend group with an ex while you guys are both dating someone else. I don't think it would all take place in my bed. But I'm not sure if I'll move on to a completely different project."




You can watch the six episodes of Broken Up at brokenup.cool.