“Broad City’s” Abbi and Ilana posted face mask #werk pics, because they get it

How do two broads run a hit TV show without letting their beauty go? By treating every day like a spa day!

Okay, this isn’t 1956, and #GirlBosses who #werk don’t give two lipsticks about whether or not you find them beautiful. Especially not Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City, whose feminist content moves us forward daily. That’s why sheet masks are so perfect: they nourish and moisturize while defying the male gaze hilariously.

If you follow Abbi and Ilana on Insta (which you should), you’d see they posted pics of themselves mid-moisturizing regimen while banging out their brilliance.


But we all know that under those sagging masks lie the most moisturized, energized visages this side of awesome. So, whaddya say we all start rocking sheet masks while we work? As Ilana would say #YaaasKween

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