How to Get Your ‘Broad City’ Fix Right Now

Where are my Broad City fans at?! Basically everyone should be raising their hands, unless you have, like, some moral objection to television (in which case, please return to whatever it is that people who don’t watch television do with their spare time). I was straight-up dazzled by the first season of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s Comedy Central half-hour, which explores a fictionalized version of the series’ creators (in the show, both girls are dirt-poor in NYC with jobs they hate), and now they’re releasing a series of Broad City webisodes entitled ‘Hack Into Broad City‘ to hold us over until the new season begins in January 2015, and we are totally stoked.

The first webisode, via, consists of the girls Skype-ing each other while high and engaging in a virtual “cereal war,” plus a little bit of singing and one stupid fart joke that I DIDN’T want to laugh at because it was stupid but ended up laughing at because it was funny enough to merit the chuckle.

If you haven’t seen the actual show, Broad City is a gut-bustingly funny send-up to the power of bestie-ship. It focuses on the weird problems Abbi and Ilana deal with, the gross situations they find themselves in, and how their sweet-as-all-get-out best friendship helps both girls survive amidst all the gross weirdness and weird grossness. Yes, there are a few other shows on the air right now whose subjects are twenty-something girls having a hard time having no money in NYC (2 Broke Girls and Girls immediately come to mind), but Jacobson and Glazer’s absurdist take on reality sets their show apart from the pack in a manner that feels wholly original.

The show actually began as a web series in 2009, until Abbi and Ilana wished on a shooting star and their fairy godmother manifested in the form of Amy Poehler, who signed on to produce the television adaptation and was a critical player in securing that first season pick-up. Now that the first season has come and gone, we’re counting down the days ’til Season 2 premieres.

In the meantime, I love that Broad City is returning to its web roots. We already know the girls can rock a micro-scale production budget, because they’ve done it all before on the Interwebs with great success. Now they’re doing it all over again. Hooray!

Have I successfully convinced you to watch the first episode? OK, here you go.

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