The girls of “Broad City” took Stephen Colbert on a trippy bagel adventure

Since Stephen Colbert may be a little older then Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City, he knows he can always trust them to tell him what’s cool. When they sat down on The Late Show Tuesday night, the host decided to get the scoop on what’s currently hip and happening, but ended up somewhere he never expected.

One of the things that Abbi and Ilana mentioned were those rainbow bagels that we are all obsessed with, and they brought in a couple for Stephen to try. However, when he took a bite, they were transported to an entirely different world.

The trio ended up in “Happy Bagel Place,” which on the surface sounds fun, but actually has a sinister underbelly thanks to the Bagel King. Abbi and Ilana took Stephen to this place because he is the only one with the power to defeat the Bagel King, who is oppressing the baby bagels who love to sing and dance.

It’s about as trippy and ridiculous as every other adventure that Abbi and Ilana stumble into, but luckily Stephen was able to use his belly button laser to defeat the Bagel King and send them back home, Just in time for season three of Broad City to premiere tonight on Comedy Central! The timing couldn’t be better.