While we anxiously await the return of “Broad City,” we can listen to the show’s soon-to-be-released original soundtrack!

Our lives feel a little less full without the weekly presence of Abbi and Ilana as they gallivant all over NYC, leading a vibrant, bizarre, hilarious, and extremely relatable existence.


When you aren’t losing your mind over their perfect dialogue or incredible wardrobes, you’ve probably noticed the series impeccable soundtrack.

Their theme song, “Latino N’ Proud” by DJ Raff, superbly sets the tone.


4 and 3 and 2 and 1, 1.

“Yes Bitch” by K Rizz plays while Abbi and Ilana flawlessy enter the club in the episode “B&B-NYC.”


And that’s just a couple examples of Broad City’s insane ability to expertly score any moment in Abbi and Ilana’s lives.

So you’ll be thrilled to know that our kweens have teamed up with the show’s music supervisor, Matt FX Feldman, to release an original series soundtrack on Comedy Central records.


The soundtrack, which will be released on October 28, features extended versions of the two songs mentioned above, as well Jarina de Marco’s “Tigre” from the Vanessa Williams episode. We can’t wait to see what else makes it onto the compilation.

Feldman told Rolling Stone:

“When I first started working on the show, our resources were so low to the point where working with unsigned and unknown artists was the only way we could possibly afford to score an entire episode the way we wanted… These days, I see it almost as an obligation to keep the platform growing. Super duper excited that we’ve been able to physically encapsulate the sonic identity of the show with this soundtrack.”

Broad City has become such an important part of our pop culture, and it is too amazing to see the creators, Abbi and Ilana, continue to uplift other artists as they become more and more well-known.

But A.V. Club asked one very important question. WILL VAL BE ON THE SOUNDTRACK?!!